The digital city library contains many different historical objects and types of sources: Address books, journals, yearbooks and annually published statistics, as well as text books, including specialist, teaching, school books and bibliographies, but also fiction, specifically novels, poetry and song books. Works on the city history of Breslau, the history and population of Lower Silesia and Silesia in general are of special interest and available in a large selection.
Two special collections also deserve special mention: Silesian and Breslau “Edicts and Orders” with many rarities from the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th centuries and historical “everyday documents”, especially from the city’s daily economic life.
An large inventory of digitised postcards gives the viewer an impression of historical Breslau with its streets, squares, buildings and residents.
The texts and pictures can be assigned to their locations in a large collection of old maps of the city and area.


Regarding volumes, books at approx. 72,000 and periodicals at approx. 43,000 digitised pages are the largest sections. A greater amount of pages of the traditional Silesian newspaper “Schlesische Zeitung” will be added to these at a later time. The picture and map material makes up about 700 units. Apart from this, there are a few hundred pages of everyday documents.


Note: The books can be researched in the overall list by title, author and year of publication (each sorted bottom-up and top-down) as well as via the “subject cloud” in the main menu.