This selection of digitised books offers a cross section through the time and subjects of the historical Breslau book production: works from the areas of theology and profane popular literature, fiction, regional studies and country history, the city and architectural history of Breslau, everyday culture, as well as many different areas of natural sciences and a great many other specialisations from the 17th to the early 20th century are included here. The reader may look forward to biographic works about persons from the history of Breslau as well as travel reports and travel guides, educational advisors for the chivalrous class or guide books for bourgeoisie life in Silesia. There are chronicles of local legends, school readers, song books and volumes of poetry – some in the Silesian dialect – waiting to be rediscovered. Apart from this, the collection includes name books from Breslau, a book about the origin and meaning of the Silesian place names and various chronicles of Breslau’s fraternities and other institutionalised societies of urban life. Those friends of historical everyday culture who feel like experimenting a bit more may use a cook book from Breslau dating to the first half of the 19th century to try out the recipes described there.


Our digital book collection was put together based on the original inventories of the Martin-Opitz library (Herne), the Schlesisches Kulturwerk (Würzburg) and Haus Schlesien (Königswinter).


Note: The books can be researched in the overall list by title, author and year of publication (each sorted bottom-up and top-down) as well as via the “subject cloud” in the main menu.