Picture Collection

Historical picture documents are likely the most attractive way of dealing with history, particularly for a non-scientific audience. They permit a direct and attractive comparison between past lives and the present times via their visual tangibility.
We hope that the residents of Breslau and the virtual visitors of this year’s European Capital of Culture from within and outside of the country will be interested in this city so rich in historical architecture and cultural history.


The greatest part of the picture collection is made up of an inventory of about 500 historical postcards and was sorted in the following subject categories:


  • Parks/bridges/squares
  • Breslau, general
  • Gastronomy
  • Churches/monasteries
  • Oder
  • Public buildings
  • Persons (groups)
  • Streets


This collection is supplemented by a collection of old maps of the city and the region.


The original sources of our digital picture documents are from the collections of Haus Schlesien (Königswinter) and the Martin-Opitz library (Herne).