Special Collections

Some source collections or source types that our cooperating partners provided to us for digitalisation were suitable for separate special collections that now provide interesting insights into smaller sections of the city history and city culture of Breslau.


The edicts and orders in the Wratislavia Digitalis cover a long period from the 16th to the 19th century. This special collection contains a large number of, e.g., trade and police orders, as well as an execution order for weddings, baptisms and funerals from the 17th¬†century. Events of the “great” history are reflected in the capitulation document of Breslau from 1807, the mobilisation notice from 1812 and a few other documents from the time of the Napoleonic wars. Some edicts show quite clearly how “history” affected the everyday lives of the residents.


The small documents or small prints summarised in the group of “everyday documents” focus on the economic and social life in Breslau. These are, e.g., invoices and business correspondence , as well as catalogues, timetables and even the last will of a Breslau citizen.


The original sources of the digital special collections are from the inventories of Haus Schlesien (Königswinter) and the Martin-Opitz library (Herne).